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A Utah man’s heroic decision to jump into a freezing river has saved a woman after she attempted to end her life on the morning of November 12.

Dane Entze and his wife were returning from a weekend getaway to celebrate their anniversary. They were crossing John’s Hole Bridge in Idaho Falls, Idaho—the very spot where the couple had their first date—when they came upon the scene of what would be another “life-altering moment”.

“Upon looking down from the bridge above, looking down at the boat ramp below, my wife noticed a car driving down the boat ramp and entering the water,” the 36-year-old told Fox Weather.

While his wife called 911, Dane jumped out of the car, climbed a barbed wire fence, and ran to the boat launch.

He said he saw the car sinking into the Snake River, which is known for its dangerous undertow. But the woman emerged and he hollered to her asking if she was okay.

She then began swimming away from shore after telling Dane, ‘I’m committing suicide, and I don’t want to live anymore.’

Dane told her, ‘I don’t know who you are, but I’m here, and I love you, and I’m going to help you.

While the river swallowed up her car, he quickly swam approximately 120 feet from the shore to pull the woman back to the bank, risking freezing water conditions and outdoor temperatures of 19-degrees.

Entze said the woman didn’t have enough strength to resist him and wanted to be left alone, but he ignored her request.

“I knew we were out of time,” he told the Fox digital team.

The first responders arrived to render aid and transported the patient to the hospital in stable condition for a mental health evaluation and additional assistance. They also pulled out the submerged car.

“We would like to express our gratitude to the Good Samaritan who risked their own life to save another,” said the Idaho Falls Fire Department Public Information Officer. “We are incredibly thankful both parties were able to make it out of the freezing water.”

Dane said it caused him to appreciate the hardships others are going through, and has since spoken to the woman’s family who hopes to meet him soon.