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A Maryland couple said an unexpected shakeup to their lottery buying routine led to their winning $100,008 from a Powerball drawing.

A 70-year-old North Potomac man told Maryland Lottery officials his wife generally picks up the Powerball tickets when the jackpot gets high, but he had to take action personally when she didn’t have enough time to make the stop.

“My wife was supposed to buy the tickets, but didn’t get around to it so I wound up picking them up at Steve’s Deli instead,” the man told officials.

The man checked his tickets for the Nov. 2 drawing the following day and discovered one ticket had earned him an $8 prize and another scored a $100,000 jackpot.

“I showed my wife the ticket, the winning numbers and the rules of the game,” he said. “She took a look and said, ‘We won $50,000.’ I showed her that I had paid the extra dollar for the Power Play option, so multiply that $50,000 by two!”

The couple said they don’t have immediate plans for their winnings, but a vacation is likely in the near future.