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A Wisconsin couple said they received a shock when an unwelcome guest broke in through a glass door — an adult deer.

Sue and Richard Sujecki said they were at their West Allis home when they heard a loud crash and discovered a deer had broken through their glass storm door and was ransacking their living room.

“If you tell anybody, nobody can believe that a full-grown deer is trapped inside your house and can’t get out,” Sue Sujecki told Spectrum News 1.

The couple said the deer ran up the stairs and investigated every room in an apparent hunt for an exit. The deer was trapped in their home for about three hours while awaiting help from Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources personnel.

“With the help of other officers we were able to scare it out of the room it was trapped into and because we had all the other doors closed off, we were able to direct it back down the stairs and out the front door,” DNR warden Erik Anderson said.

Anderson said the deer may have been drawn to the home by a pair of wooden deer holiday decorations in the couple’s yard. He said the buck then may have seen its own reflection in the glass door and attempted to initiate a fight.

Employees at a Wisconsin school office faced a similar situation last week.

Pacelli Catholic Schools said the deer crashed through a window into the office shared by Director of Advancement Shawna Rhodes and Director of Marketing Jodi Napiwocki at the PCS Central Office in Stephens Point.

The deer eventually made its own way out of the building without any injuries to humans or animals.